My First Official Blog Post!

It’s here!

After years of counselling companies on their blogs and helping them build their online presence, I have finally created an avenue for my own online voice.

What I have set out to accomplish through this blog is two-fold: first is to share my experiences—not only as a communicator/PR professional but also as a woman, wife, daughter and sister; and second is to learn and grow from you, my readers.

In delivering this blog, I am following some of the very guidelines I share with my clients to help build and protect their company brand online:

  1. Have purpose. With each blog post, I plan to share what I have learned in hope of helping others. How many people I influence—whether just one person, a few or hundreds—I have accomplished what I set out to do.
  2. Be authentic. Through this blog, I will share my voice and perspective based on my values and experiences. I will not try to mimic others’ style or voice because I would never succeed!
  3. Engage people. I invite readers to discuss, debate and share their insights on anything I have to say.
  4. Learn and grow. This blog is a mechanism for me to hear from people who think similarly, have similar interests or are just interested in what I have to say.

While I fully expect topics to change and evolve, these four themes will always guide my blog posts.

— Debbie