Defining “Create. Build. Sustain. Value Through Communication.”


The word “value” means different things to different people and depends on context.

For Debbie B. Parhar Communications and Public Relations, value through communication is defined by the client and its individual business needs and objectives. It could mean revenue and profits. It could mean influencing opinion or behaviour change. It could also mean new relationships or a more engaged workforce.

There are three ways I aim to deliver value through communication:

Create. I begin by working closely with a client to define their communications goals and objectives, and infuse creativity and innovation to design communications strategies to help meet these goals and objectives.

Build. Then I build solutions to align with the strategies and to meet the goals and objectives. Through my commitment to excellent service, I will be responsive and flexible in building solutions that meet the needs of the client, and their target markets or audiences.

Sustain. To sustain value, I put processes in place to evaluate strategies and solutions to allow us to evolve and adapt based on changing environments or communications needs.

That is how I define Create. Build. Sustain. Value through Communication.

It’s my brand promise. 

— Debbie

My First Official Blog Post!

It’s here!

After years of counselling companies on their blogs and helping them build their online presence, I have finally created an avenue for my own online voice.

What I have set out to accomplish through this blog is two-fold: first is to share my experiences—not only as a communicator/PR professional but also as a woman, wife, daughter and sister; and second is to learn and grow from you, my readers.

In delivering this blog, I am following some of the very guidelines I share with my clients to help build and protect their company brand online:

  1. Have purpose. With each blog post, I plan to share what I have learned in hope of helping others. How many people I influence—whether just one person, a few or hundreds—I have accomplished what I set out to do.
  2. Be authentic. Through this blog, I will share my voice and perspective based on my values and experiences. I will not try to mimic others’ style or voice because I would never succeed!
  3. Engage people. I invite readers to discuss, debate and share their insights on anything I have to say.
  4. Learn and grow. This blog is a mechanism for me to hear from people who think similarly, have similar interests or are just interested in what I have to say.

While I fully expect topics to change and evolve, these four themes will always guide my blog posts.

— Debbie


I am very excited to launch my new website:

Statistics show that it takes about 30 seconds for a user to decide whether or not to explore a website further . . . you need to be concise, interesting and inviting right away. With the help of SixSix8 Productions, that’s exactly what we set out to do with this site.

I invite you to browse through my new site; I would love to hear your feedback!

A special thanks to Preston at SixSix8 Productions for his creativity and expertise in bringing this website to life. Thanks also to Linda at Linda Mackie Photography for taking my professional photos. There is amazing creative talent out there, and I am so glad to have tapped into it with you two!

— Debbie